There have been two bills that were created and going through the approval process in the US congress and senate, called SOPA and PIPA, that, if passed, would affect internet users worldwide. This story is an interesting one about how various groups of businesses competed for government attention, and how the internet based organizations enabled consumers to bring their dissatisfaction to the attention of US law makers and halt the progress of the two bills.

More Toyota Customer Satisfaction Woes

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Toyota’s customer satisfaction woes continue to mount with recalls in Europe (estimated at 1.8 Million), China (it’s fifth recall in a year), Resale value drops to effectively zero as major wholesalers and used car dealers stop selling affected Toyotas. More car rental companies stop renting them. Some Ford models in China are affected too. US Congress has launched an investigation into how fast Toyota responded to known problems. Toyota has a reputation management problem!

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