One of the best practices in a customer satisfaction process is to listen to users and report back to them what the organization heard and what will happen with the feedback the customers provided. This article covers the continuing story of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and its problems with the riders and the perception of the public on the effectiveness of the management of public funds supporting the transit authority. Eight focus areas of recommendations by the Customer Service Advisory Council are reviewed. Will the Transit organization follow up? A warning is provided in the report.

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out right. There are lessons to be learned, especially from failures. A transit union in Toronto met with the public to address rider dissatisfaction. The union organized the meeting but refused to allow the transit authorities to answer questions from the public. The transit authority was relegated to having their own meeting at some future time. So while the concept of a public forum was a good idea, the execution failed. All parties representing an organization need to work together to resolve customer satisfaction issues.

Faced with rider discontent, the Toronto Transit Commission and the local Union representing Transit workers have announced 3 public Meetings called ‘Let’s Talk – TTC Riders and Workers’ so each side can air their issues and be heard. For those unable to attend the meetings in person, they will be broadcast over a local TV station and on the union’s website. Public Forums are a new technique emerging where public institutions and users can engage to understand each others perspective and try to resolve customer satisfaction issues..

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