One of the key customer satisfaction techniques is the need to provide front line employees with the ability to respond to customer situations quickly without the need to ‘ask for permission’. In his book ‘The little BIG Things’ Tom Peters asked managers if they encourage managers to celebrate successful use of this technique.

In Tom Peters’ book, ‘The Little BIG Things’, one chapter deals with a request from Stamford University Graduate School of business that was bungled due to lack of attention to detail. It is an important customer satisfaction lesson. The Devil is in the details.

In Tom Peters’ book, The Little Big Things, 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence, Tom speaks of the value of listening to customers. Why should an organization listen, what is listening anyway, How to listen and What to Next are covered. According to Tom, the return on investment for Listening is higher than from any other single activity.

Tom Peter’s book, The Little BIG Things, 163 ways to pursue Excellence starts in the first chapter with an excellent customer satisfaction story related to restaurants. It isn’t the food, the service or the friendliness of the staff that brings him back over and over again. The key factor is surprising. It makes us all realize that we really need to know what our customers value.

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