The Embarrassment of Being Wrong

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

No one like to realize that he or she is wrong. Customer Satisfaction is about ensuring customers are happy with your products and services. But sometimes things don’t work out right and need to be fixed. If an organization and the people within have difficulty accepting that they are ‘wrong’ and the customer is ‘right’, they fall into a trap of trying to blame the customer. See a Ted Conference Video by Kathryn Schulz on Being Wrong talks about error blindness and rationalizations used by businesses. The root causes of the Ford Pinto exploding gas tanks are exposed.

Clay Shirky’s presentation at TED called ‘How Social Media can make History’ focused on how social media is changing the way we live fundamentally, by allowing people to (at least temporarily) bypass censors and share information. Interaction is not longer just between an organization and its customers and feedback to the organization from customers. The social world is allowing for conversations between customers. They can talk directly to each other. They can organize, rally and protest against a company’s policies or against a political party or platform. They can band together to force a company or a politician to take notice of them.

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