Google is discontinuing Sidewiki. an annotation service that appears next to your website with comments from users. When Google Sidewiki was first announced in September 2009, it was intended as a way for Google users to share good and bad experiences with a company on the same page as the company’s website. This led to a backlash from organizations. Some web owners were upset that they no longer owned all the space on the browser when a customer accesses their webpages and two other major issues. Will Sidewiki be missed?

Customers can now leave feedback about your company, business or brand on line in various review sites like Yelp, Google Maps, Twitter, etc.. There are many social media monitoring tools that allow an organization to listen for this feedback but what should a business do when they have negative reviews?

Social Media Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Customer Satisfaction and public relationships departments are increasingly becoming aware of the need to monitor Social Media surrounding their brands, products, services, company name and key personnel. Failure to react appropriately to public sentiment turned bad using these tools can be disastrous for a brand or a product. How to do that work in today’s world of Social Media, complaint sites, Sidewiki and blogs, is a challenge. Some trends and tools and services are starting to emerge.

Google Sidewiki is an annotation service that appears next to your website with comments from users, both positive and negative. Google has added more functionality (more browsers – Particularly Chrome and Safari) and removed the need for the Google Toolbar. Learn why you should care about Google Sidewiki, and how to thrive in with this new Sidewiki environment.

Since the announcement of Google Sidewiki, many visitors have read my original post titled Google Sidewiki impacts your Customer Satisfaction Strategy. This blog post will cover several subjects:1. Reactions to Google Sidewiki, 2. New Information about how Sidewiki is being used, 3. Tools to track Sidewiki comments, 4. Tools being offered to Block Sidewiki entries.

Google’s new universal commenting system called Sidewiki is about to cause a major change to customer satisfaction, marketing, product launches, and public relations. Any company or organization that has a web site is impacted. Every organization will need to develop a social media strategy and strengthen their customer satisfaction strategy.

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