Rogers, a Canadian communications company providing services like Cellular phone coverage, internet, Cable TV and Land line phones experienced an outage recently on two of its services, Cellular and Internet. Communication was poorly handled and the company was perceived to be ‘missing in action’.

No body likes to feel cheated or lied to. Most of us make use of services online that require us to read terms and conditions or usage agreements…mostly long winded pages of details of things we cannot do with the service and most of which we would never get involved with. These documents are there to protect companies from fraudulent users. But sometimes the terms and conditions may hide details that we should know about, that are not overtly mentioned. That is where customer dissatisfaction comes from: hidden deception or deception by omission. Rogers Yahoo: Shame on you for your hidden deception.

Groubal, a recent American start up that champions consumers complaints has launched a new Groubal Customer Satisfaction Index. This index tracks the customer dissatisfaction of hundreds of brands through monitoring comments on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Then they dynamically rank the worst ten brands – with data updating every hour. Viewers can see the worst ten highlighted graphically on the homepage, or can click on an individual brand name or search for a specific brand to see how they’ve ranked over the past seven days. In addition, to the top 10, Groubal also divides Brands by sector and if you click on the sector you can see the worst 10 brands in that sector. If a Brand is consistently on the top of the ‘worst brand’ list in its industry or in the overall list, the corporation needs to take notice and pay attention to the ‘voices of its customers’.

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