When a study of customer satisfaction issues has been completed, it is normal for a report of findings and recommendations for actions be assembled and presented to management. What happens next is key to the success of the organization’s customer satisfaction strategy. In a recent article titled, Customer Satisfaction: A Customer Service Advisory Council: Example of Final Report, a transit authority received 78 recommendations in 8 focus areas with associated action plans, most of which involved additional costs and / or personnel. This article covers the next steps taken by the Toronto Transit Commission.

One of the best practices in a customer satisfaction process is to listen to users and report back to them what the organization heard and what will happen with the feedback the customers provided. This article covers the continuing story of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and its problems with the riders and the perception of the public on the effectiveness of the management of public funds supporting the transit authority. Eight focus areas of recommendations by the Customer Service Advisory Council are reviewed. Will the Transit organization follow up? A warning is provided in the report.

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