Several companies have started using Facebook as their customer service platform. Examples are BT, Thomas Cook, Vodafone UK, Rosetta Stone, Journal of the Americas Chemical Society, and Dell amongst others. This post covers a new tool from Get Satisfaction in conjunction with Involver that provides the infrastructure to run a support service on Facebook. Read about the benefits of a service offering on Facebook, along with other helpful resources on this topic.

Get Satisfaction is a Complaint Aggregator, one of many showing up on the web. Some companies use them as their ‘complaint site’, or monitor the comments, questions and customer service. But other organizations do not know about them nor use them as their official site. 37Signals, a Software organization, recently took Get Satisfaction to task for the lack of transparency. The Get Satisfaction site does not make it ‘evident’ to the user that they may not be on the organization’s official web site.

There seems to be an ever growing list of Complaint Aggregators that capture complaints about your products or services on their sites. Trying to keep up with these ever widening set of sites is a challenge for many organizations and needs to be part of any customer satisfaction and complaint management strategies. Check 11 aggregator sites in this blog post.

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