Facebook appears to be rolling out a new feature that will help companies handle complaints posted on their Facebook Fan Page. Rather than dealing with customer service situations or complaints in public, this feature allows for private messaging that no one else sees.htat may required personal information or account information that individuals or organizations would rather not be public knowledge, this feature allows for private messaging that no one else sees.

Customer Testimonials or References are one of the key measurements of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Word of mouth marketing is probably the most effective means of marketing. A personal endorsement from someone will help close a sale. Social Proof is the theory behind customer testimonials Eleven techniques being used today for social proof are discussed in this article.

Customers are having conversations about your brand on Facebook. If you have Facebook Fan pages, customers are writing on your wall. Some comments will be positive and some will be negative. Some customers will come to your fan page looking for support. How can your organization support them? Learn about one service I found to help.

Nestle is undergoing criticism from Greenpeace for its use of Palm Oil in its products on the grounds that it damages the environment. It has tried to publicize its position and action plans. Nestle has used a Facebook Fan Page with over 92,000 fans as one of its vehicles of communication but the handling of the issue by the community manager on Facebook has become a Facebook Storm with customers and non customers. The dialogue from customers, fans and non fans has taken on a life of its own.

Customer Satisfaction is meeting or exceeding expectations. Social Media can be used to show how your dealership satisfies customers and can add some new ‘expectations’ customers never knew they had. Think of social media as making a dealership a more friendly place to come to, whether you are coming for a new car, a used car, or service.

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