One of the things I always ask myself when our service organization wants to say that the customer is wrong, is …what made the customer think this way? Did our sales force sell it wrong? Is there something wrong on our website or our packaging? Read about a car manufacturer that misled customers but could weasel out of it legally through a disclaimer on the web. A few tips are given on how to handle situations where you have to say ‘no’ to a customer.

Two stories demonstrate the difference between under promising and over delivering and the reverse: over promise and under deliver. The Customer Satisfaction levels and future business differences are enormous. It all starts with what expectation is created in the mind of the customer.

Customer Satisfaction techniques can and should be used with internal end users. Any organization that supports others in a large corporation or business needs to determine who its customers are, and then set up a process to track and measure expectations and achievements against those expectations on a regular reporting basis. This article talks about why this is important, the key elements, how to do it and how to implement a customer satisfaction program for internal customers.

A really key factor in retaining customers and preventing problems is to pay attention to what expectations you, as a business owner, are setting with customers. What promises are you making?

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