Customer Testimonials or References are one of the key measurements of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Word of mouth marketing is probably the most effective means of marketing. A personal endorsement from someone will help close a sale. Social Proof is the theory behind customer testimonials Eleven techniques being used today for social proof are discussed in this article.

One of the techniques Toyota has used to try to minimize the customer satisfaction hit they took earlier this year is a new Social Media technique – Digg Dialoggs. Digg Dialoggs allows users of social bookmarking site Digg, to pick leaders they would like interviewed, then recommend questions they would like answered and have the top 10 questions (voted by users) asked of the leader by a Digg Correspondent. The top 10 questions asked of Jim Lentz, President and COO of Toyota US were a big surprise. Digg, Digg Dialoggs, the top 10 questions asked of Toyota US and the video of the interview itself are included in this article.

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