Rogers, a Canadian communications company providing services like Cellular phone coverage, internet, Cable TV and Land line phones experienced an outage recently on two of its services, Cellular and Internet. Communication was poorly handled and the company was perceived to be ‘missing in action’.

A recent article in the Toronto Star titled: Top 10 mistakes, courtesy of Direct Energy described how a Utility company made 10 deadly mistakes when trying to change some terms and conditions for its rental water heater business. Customers are not dissatisfied for no reason. And customer service is not always the place where these issues can be resolved. Customer service was totally unequipped to handle the change imposed on them by senior management. In this case, senior management was the cause of the problems and did not put in place the proper processes and communication with customers to avoid dissatisfaction.

Many organizations plan conversions or modifications that affect them internally and may make changes relevant to their customers. It should be obvious. When an organization makes a change that affects customers, the business should communicate with them about it. Be sure when creating a plan to modify some aspect of your organization, that you consider the customer’s perspective. Planning how the customer perceives the change will impact customer satisfaction with your products and services.

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