A testimonial or referral from a customer is one of the best forms of marketing. It is not uncommon for businesses to want to post customer testimonials everywhere they can to encourage others to buy: advertising, store signage, press releases, websites. Here’s a new technology technique adopted by Diesel Jeans.

1. They put a special code close to or on the tag attached to their products.

2. The code is actually a QR code (short for Quick Response)

3. Smart Phone users can scan the code with the built in camera using QR Reader software. Up pops a Mobile Web page (like a regular web page but with less on it so it is easily visible on a smart phone).

4. On the Mobile Web page, is an icon that the user can click on. In this case the Diesel store can show the product the customer scanned and other similar products. The user clicks on the Like button above the picture of the product he or she likes and wants to share with friends.

5. The product information appears on the Facebook wall of the user and all their ‘friends’ see that they like the product.

Here’s a video that describes the process

Most people on Facebook have 100 friends. So having this system set up, allows one person to tell 100 or more friends about a product they like, instantly, with just a few clicks on their smart phone.

This is ‘gee whiz’ technology for some of us who are a bit older and used to tried and true methods of getting references. But the web and mobile technologies are changing everything, including customer satisfaction processes.


1. Those who market to a younger crowd or those who use smart phones, can start profiting from this technology.

2. Adoption of this technology is sure to become more prevalent over time, embracing an older crowd.

3. Any organization that does not recognize that this is going on in this market place and whose products align themselves with mobile marketing, will soon find themselves left behind.

4. While it appears that this technique is limited to smart phones, technology does not stand still and I found a website service called Snapmyinfo that non smart phone users who have a camera can use to decode QR codes.

5. QR codes can also be the link to customer testimonial information as cited in a Best Buy video describing their Best Buy smart phone App.

Do you know anyone that doesn’t leave home with their mobile phone? Consumers have the ability to easily provide referrals for your product, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What is your opinion? Will your organization use these new techniques?


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Adele Berenstein

Adele Berenstein is an Experienced Customer Satisfaction Executive, recently retired from a Large Global IT Organization after a long productive management career including Sales, Marketing, Services, teaching and education center management and most recently, 19 years in customer satisfaction management. She turned around divisions with customer satisfaction problems, implemented measurable improvements and management systems, and implemented programs to prevent problems from ever affecting customers.

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