An employee at a Papa John’s Franchise in New York made a career limiting move by entering a racial slur on a customer’s receipt. The customer posted the image of the receipt on Twitpic and submitted the following tweet.


The image posted on Twitpic shows the slur: ‘Lady Chinky Eyes’.

20, 000 Retweets later,  the story gets picked up by the news feeds such as Yahoo news , and the  Huffington Post, and, at the time of writing over 235,000 people have viewed this customer receipt.

As the headquarters of Papa John’s is bombarded, they release a statement on their Facebook page apologizing.

We were extremely concerned to learn of the receipt issue in New York. This act goes against our company values, and we’ve confirmed with the franchisee that this matter was addressed immediately and that the employee is being terminated. We are truly sorry for this customer’s experience.

The following tweet was issued to multiple influencers.


How would you rate Papa John do on its containment strategy?

1. The response came from the Headquarters of the franchise. Someone in the local franchise location in question responded to questions and sluffed off the incident. But the headquarters took it seriously.

2. The response from the local franchisee was that they would take disciplinary action. The headquarters overruled the franchisee and indicated that the employee was being terminated.

3. Papa Johns used the medium where the complaint was lodged (Twitter) to respond in addition to  addressing the issue on their Facebook Fan Page.

Do you think Papa John’s handled this well? Leave your comments below.

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