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Why should you care about social media influencers? Influential social media users can spread bad press about your product, service or organization at frightening speeds using social media. The more influential they are, the wider the reach they have. And with the presence of mobile phones, they need not wait until they get in front of a home computer to get the word out. If there is a complaint about a product or service or a crisis, these influencers can be a help or a real headache. Learn how to find them and some tips on how to work with them.

Tracking what customers are saying about your organization, brand, products and executives is becoming a daunting task with the proliferation of social media types and sites, both accessible on the web and on mobile devices. To meet that requirement, organizations have created tools to help businesses track various aspects of what is happening online.

Groubal, a recent American start up that champions consumers complaints has launched a new Groubal Customer Satisfaction Index. This index tracks the customer dissatisfaction of hundreds of brands through monitoring comments on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Then they dynamically rank the worst ten brands – with data updating every hour. Viewers can see the worst ten highlighted graphically on the homepage, or can click on an individual brand name or search for a specific brand to see how they’ve ranked over the past seven days. In addition, to the top 10, Groubal also divides Brands by sector and if you click on the sector you can see the worst 10 brands in that sector. If a Brand is consistently on the top of the ‘worst brand’ list in its industry or in the overall list, the corporation needs to take notice and pay attention to the ‘voices of its customers’.

A recent survey report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services called The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action covers a survey of 2100 companies across the globe on how they are using (or not using ) Social Media. Eight key findings are covered in the article.

Most Organizations measure customer satisfaction with surveys. They can be tracked, and measured and compared year over year, month over month, quarter over quarter. But what techniques are available to raise early warning flags? Three types of measurements can help: Predictor Metrics, Prevention Programs and Social media / Blogs / Complaint Sites.

Radian6, social media monitoring platform for marketing, communications, and customer support professionals, is sponsoring Twebinars (hour long audio interviews) to share how companies are using Social Media on a regular basis. The most recent Twebinar covered how Xbox is using Twitter to augment their customer service. This article covers some highlights of how Microsoft Xbox support team called the ‘Elite Tweet Fleet’ is using Twitter, how they are organized, what they measure, and how they are managed.

Social Media Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Customer Satisfaction and public relationships departments are increasingly becoming aware of the need to monitor Social Media surrounding their brands, products, services, company name and key personnel. Failure to react appropriately to public sentiment turned bad using these tools can be disastrous for a brand or a product. How to do that work in today’s world of Social Media, complaint sites, Sidewiki and blogs, is a challenge. Some trends and tools and services are starting to emerge.

A recent article appeared in the NY Times: Mining the Web for Feelings not Facts, talks about a new science of searching the web for customer satisfaction data through mining of words, rather than survey data. For many businesses, online opinion has turned into a kind of virtual currency that can make or break a product in the marketplace says Alex Wright, the article’s author.” Typical customer satisfaction techniques of surveying customers to understand their level of satisfaction, while it may have some accuracy advantages, will be found to take too long in today’s instantaneous feedback environment.

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