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Netflix Customer Satisfaction plumets

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Netflix customer satisfaction drop 14% according to a USA Today article called Survey: E-commerce customers generally satisfied. The article was featured on the front page of it’s Money Section . The American Customer Satisfaction Index released its e-Commerce report on Feb 21, 2012. According to the article, the Netflix result “.. is one of the biggest drops in the index’s history”

Last year I wrote an article about the Temkin ratings of US companies which included 6000 customer experiences across 143 industries. Temkin has just released the 2012 Temkin Experience Ratings. This time they have 10,000 US customer experiences across 208 industries. Overall most industries improved led by insurance but there were some real surprises in the top ranking results.

Clickfox, a leader in a new breed of experience analytics, has published their 2nd Annual Tipping Point Survey describing what irks customers the most and compares it to their findings in 2010. This post provides some of the highlights. One conclusion from this study is that “Organizations relying only on traditional methods of measuring customer experience like satisfaction surveys, call center metrics and performance management will be left behind.”

No body likes to feel cheated or lied to. Most of us make use of services online that require us to read terms and conditions or usage agreements…mostly long winded pages of details of things we cannot do with the service and most of which we would never get involved with. These documents are there to protect companies from fraudulent users. But sometimes the terms and conditions may hide details that we should know about, that are not overtly mentioned. That is where customer dissatisfaction comes from: hidden deception or deception by omission. Rogers Yahoo: Shame on you for your hidden deception.

Here’s a story about a Non Profit organization that angered, not only its donors but the general public. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity defines its mission as helping find a cure for Breast Cancer, a noble cause, for sure. On Jan 31, 2012, Komen announced that it would no longer provide support to one such charity, called Planned Parenthood, for breast exams. The cry from those who supported Planned Parenthood went viral. Supporters and donors revolted.

How Social Media is used in Contact Centers

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Call Center Helper, the UK’s most popular call center magazine, recently released their Social Media Survey results. They polled their readers, mostly small and medium businesses to ask how social media is used in Contact Centers. This article is a summary of what they found.

A consumer reaction to new marketing techniques being used through telemarketing, web marketing and even door to door marketing.: “A message to all those purveyors of marketing by aggravation, pestering, and annoyance: Pissing me off does not make me want to buy your product”. See other consumer reactions to companies trying to market their products using techniques that often have the opposite effect.

Facebook appears to be rolling out a new feature that will help companies handle complaints posted on their Facebook Fan Page. Rather than dealing with customer service situations or complaints in public, this feature allows for private messaging that no one else sees.htat may required personal information or account information that individuals or organizations would rather not be public knowledge, this feature allows for private messaging that no one else sees.

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