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Products/ services can often be improved if we listen to our customers. Use the service organization to explore customer questions and complaints fully. The benefit of using customer service in this way, is that the details of what the customer wanted, which were meticulously explained to the customer service representative is not lost. This is an excellent use of customer service resources which is often overlooked. After product requirements are gathered, the next hurdle is to decide which ones to fund through the development process.

Listening to your customers is a key element of any customer satisfaction strategy. FeatureSet is business community software made to facilitate product development collaboration. It is the first social business application that connects the customer to the product management process.

Consumers are always looking for new ways to express their dissatisfaction with organizations around the world. A Complaints Choir is a group of singers singing about complaints. In cities and locations around the world, people gather complaints, a composer sets them to music, then singers rehearse and perform them. Will this go viral?

Early in December 2010, Dell unveiled its Listening Command Center, catering to customers world wide. The command center is a hub tracking over 22,000 Dell related topics at a company wide level, currently in 9 languages, expecting to go to 11 languages and covering all the countries where Dell does business. The tools are expected to be available to all employees to use (not just the command center).

Groubal, a recent start up , has created a new term: a Groubal: a complaint submitted by a consumer, turned into a Petition. If there are enough signatures, Groubal takes the popular complaints forward to the company demanding answers. At the time of writing this article, the most popular Groubal had 829 Signatures. Looking around the site the most current groubals had only a few signatures. Groubal has created a game on Facebook to try to get the word out.

Cisco, a large manufacturer of hardware and software for the IT and consumer industry has announced a new product called SocialMiner, a social media customer care solution that can help companies proactively respond to customers and prospects communicating through public social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, or other public forums or blogging sites with RSS feeds. Cisco is entering a crowded market of social media monitoring tools, but due to its size and reach, it is legitimizing the need for a solution to monitor customer satisfaction on the web.

If there ever was a poster child to prove the cause and effect of poor customer satisfaction on loyalty and future purchases, one need look no farther than Toyota. One of major consequences of their customer satisfaction challenges is the loss of prospects. Two recent studies have shown that Toyota did, in fact, take a hit during the worst of its crisis of confidence.

Of the key trends in 2011 will be mobile and mobile applications. Mobile is a fast growing marketing and customer satisfaction force. When an early adopter in an industry starts to use Texting, mobile applications and mobile QR, 2D or Stickybits code, it raises the bar for competitors. The table stakes get raised and customers EXPECT all businesses in the same industry to offer the same or better or a much lower price!

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