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The top 10 Blog Posts for 2010 for Customer Satisfaction and Reputation Management cover a broad range of topics from handling complaints, to social media, to big news stories like Toyota, BP and Haiti.

Groubal published an interesting article titled Top 10 Companies With the Most Customer Service Complaints on Twitter: AT&T Worst, Apple Sixth based on some research on Twitter from August 13, 2010 to Aug 16, 2010. 12% mentioned a financial reason for the poor customer service, usually hidden charges or a refusal to reimburse. 11% felt that the customer service rep didn’t care about their problem. 5% mentioned a product or service quality reason, rather than a specific customer service reason. What they seem to complain about on Twitter is the lack of effectiveness of the customer service offerings. There are some complaints about company policies (money) and product and service quality but most complaints are about customer service experience. Of the 500 companies receiving complaints, see the top 10.

Word of mouth (and with the internet, this has become World of Mouth) is having a bigger and bigger effect on who customers chose to do business with. One of the key sources of information consumers use today are ‘reviews’ (in customer satisfaction terminology- ‘testimonials or references’). Here’s an interesting technique to help an organization gather reviews: Run a contest. Check out what Lenovo, a PC Manufacturer is doing.

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to plan customer satisfaction year beginning activities. If you want your customer satisfaction efforts to be successful, then ensure your employees see that customer satisfaction results are part of the review of the prior year achievements and understand the dynamics that drive superior results. Compare one group within the organization with other similar groups: If the results can be broken down across various leaders, geographies, departments, you should show results in aggregate and then results broken down by geography, sales branch, or service group. Prominently publicize customer satisfaction results in your year end / year beginning communication.The best place to put them is at the beginning of a year end / year beginning presentation, report or email, even before financial results. This article covers the 5 key areas to focus to launch a new year of customer satisfaction actions right.

Tracking what customers are saying about your organization, brand, products and executives is becoming a daunting task with the proliferation of social media types and sites, both accessible on the web and on mobile devices. To meet that requirement, organizations have created tools to help businesses track various aspects of what is happening online.

Groubal, a recent American start up that champions consumers complaints has launched a new Groubal Customer Satisfaction Index. This index tracks the customer dissatisfaction of hundreds of brands through monitoring comments on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Then they dynamically rank the worst ten brands – with data updating every hour. Viewers can see the worst ten highlighted graphically on the homepage, or can click on an individual brand name or search for a specific brand to see how they’ve ranked over the past seven days. In addition, to the top 10, Groubal also divides Brands by sector and if you click on the sector you can see the worst 10 brands in that sector. If a Brand is consistently on the top of the ‘worst brand’ list in its industry or in the overall list, the corporation needs to take notice and pay attention to the ‘voices of its customers’.

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