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Canadian Government to Tweet Budget Speech

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

The Canadian Government has announced that the Budget Speech on Mar 4, 2010 will be tweeted to the public as it is read in the Canadian House of Commons. In an effort to communicate better with constituents (improve their customer satisfaction) in real time, the Finance Department will start its communications on Twitter with the budget speech. Wonder how they can do that? Will this be a trend with other governments?

A Forbes article about a dissatisfied customer with a million followers on Twitter that forced an organization to change their customer satisfaction policies is a poster child for why customer service personnel need social media sensitivity training and management needs to adapt to the new age of marketing and public relations.

I have seen several questions on customer satisfaction forums about what is the right ‘metric’ for customer satisfaction that will predict future outcomes. Often this question comes up in respect to ‘surveying’ customers . Is Overall Satisfaction the right measure; willingness to recommend; or repurchase intent?

I think customer satisfaction measurements are a mosaic of possible measurements and the ones that should take priority should be the ones where the executives feel there is a need to improve.

Customer Satisfaction is meeting or exceeding expectations. Social Media can be used to show how your dealership satisfies customers and can add some new ‘expectations’ customers never knew they had. Think of social media as making a dealership a more friendly place to come to, whether you are coming for a new car, a used car, or service.

The bad news continues for Toyota’s brands. Prius, Lexus, Sai, Camry and Tacoma recalls have been issued in the past week. And there is investigation going on about possible problems with the steering on newer Toyota Corollas. Customer Satisfaction with Toyota has certainly been impacted with this widespread quality problems. Some Toyota units in the US were named in a Racketeering lawsuit. Toyota shareholders have also seen a big drop (about 20%) in their share value since mid January when the most recent recalls started.

Crowdsourcing and Customer Service

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Crowdsourcing is a new term and a possibly a new emerging trend. The basic premise is to tap into the vast wisdom of the general (or specifically skilled) population to funnel the best ideas to the top and execute them. It is also being used in the Customer Service arena.

An unbelievable scenario is percolating between Toronto, Canada transit riders and the Toronto Transit Commission workers resulting in a social media battle between riders and unionized workers. Add in a sex scandal by the chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission and you have the makings of a customer satisfaction twitstorm.

Here’s an interesting video about Dell and their attitude towards Social Media and how they are going from Dell Hell to Dell Swell. Jeremia Owyang, Partner Customer Strategy at Altimeter Group interviews Bob Pearson, Communications and Conversations at Dell. Dell is using Social Media to gather product requirements, notify customers of deals, create platforms for customers to help each other and monitor social media for negatives comments. Watch the video.

Customer Satisfaction and Socialnomics

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Two videos on the impact of Social Media on business also highlight several gems about customer satisfaction.The data is from the book Socialnomics. 80% of Twitter usages is on mobile devices. People update anywhere, any time. Imagine what that means for bad experiences. 34% of Bloggers post opinions about products and brands. Do you like what they are saying about your brand. Do you even know? Watch these thought provoking videos. What is your organization doing?

Toyota’s customer satisfaction plans are not going well. The consumer expects Toyota to care about their safety and notify them of potential problems and fixes. They also expect swift action on issues, with a strong action plan to fix and some indication of how Toyota will ensure this kinds of problems will not recur in the future. Toyota is bungling these actions. The Toyota Prius and Lexus hybrid models are being added to Toyota’s quality woes with a possible defect in brakes. While Toyota claims to have fixed the problem in the new cars it is manufacturing it has no action plan for current affected Prius owners. Toytoa’s CEO apologizes. Also see the video of customer reactions.

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