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Since my last post on Social Media Monitoring tools, I have come across tools and service offerings from a wide variety of companies. This article covers the ‘services’ that provide social media monitoring as well as the kinds of social media data an organization might want to monitor.

Social Media Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Customer Satisfaction and public relationships departments are increasingly becoming aware of the need to monitor Social Media surrounding their brands, products, services, company name and key personnel. Failure to react appropriately to public sentiment turned bad using these tools can be disastrous for a brand or a product. How to do that work in today’s world of Social Media, complaint sites, Sidewiki and blogs, is a challenge. Some trends and tools and services are starting to emerge.

Reputation Management and TwitStorm

Monday, December 21st, 2009

TwitStorm is new term representing the conflagration that occurs when a nasty reputation-damaging tweet on Twitter, true or not gets retweeted, over and over again, to thousands. Using Social media and hashtags on Twitter, TwitStorms can spread like wildfire. A video on Tiger Woods’ impact on Nike has been retweeted over and over again. See the video “Tiger Woods will hurt Nike” on this site.

Lessons can be learned from the Tiger Woods Infidelity and Car Crash saga that would benefit customer satisfaction management and executives. Customer Satisfaction principles and best practices can be used to explain Tiger Woods descent. Unfortunately, the fix to these reputation problems will not be easy to manage. Can his reputation be mended?

Google Sidewiki is an annotation service that appears next to your website with comments from users, both positive and negative. Google has added more functionality (more browsers – Particularly Chrome and Safari) and removed the need for the Google Toolbar. Learn why you should care about Google Sidewiki, and how to thrive in with this new Sidewiki environment.

Free software is available to allow you to Tweet a message every time you change you slide in a Powerpoint Presentation and can create a Tweet cloud of audience reaction within your Powerpoint Presentation in real time. Customer Satisfaction feedback instantly!

1. It allows you to Tweet out words of your choice every time you change you slide.

2. You can show within your slide presentation, tweets people are making about your presentation.

Using Twitter for Customer Service is a hot topic. Several comments from readers on LinkedIn are included in this post. The positive aspects of Twitter along with its limitations are covered. Generally Twitter is perceived to be an augmentation to existing customer service with added value to the customer that they have been heard.

US Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping brought out new services being used by retailers who have embraced Twitter. Augmenting traditional customer questions and problems are new services such as where to find parking near the store, in store specials, up to the minute inventory in store, and more. Best Buy pilots Twelpforce – 2500 employees responding to customer questions.

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